Nibs van der Spuy – Life in Lisbon

Nibs van der Spuy talks about life in Lisbon, in reference to his latest releases ‘A Circle of Swallows’ and ‘Live in Lisbon with Guy Buttery’.

Gavin Gold – From Cape Town to New York City

Gavin Gold, a singer-songwriter, talks about moving from Cape Town to New York City.

Doug Keith – From punk rock to singer-songwriter

Doug Keith talks about his journey from playing punk rock bass guitar in San Francisco to becoming a singer-songwriter in New York.

Simon van Gend – Overcoming writer’s block

Simon van Gend, a singer-songwriter, talks about overcoming writer’s block in reference to his record Suffer Well.

Sam McTrusty – Twin Atlantic’s South African tour

Sam McTrusty from the band Twin Atlantic, talks about their South African tour.

Pete Uhlenbruch – Creativity in Reykjavík

Pete Uhlenbruch from Owls Of The Swamp, talks about the creative energy in Reykjavík, Iceland in reference to his record Atlas.

Chloe Clark – Her latest record ‘In Between’

Chloe Clark, a singer-songwriter, talks about her record In Between.

Dominic Adelbert – Artist brand management

Dominic Adelbert from DA Musical, talks about artist brand management.

Tim Millar – Protest The Hero’s first Warped Tour

Tim Millar from the band Protest The Hero, talks about their first Warped Tour in 2006, as well as their South African tour in 2015.

Eric Pulido – Taking over lead vocals for Midlake

Eric Pulido from Midlake, talks about taking over lead vocals for the band in reference to their record Antiphon.

Ryan Culwell – The Dust Bowl in the Texas Panhandle

Ryan Culwell, a singer-songwriter, talks about the Dust Bowl in the Texas Panhandle in reference to his record Flatlands.